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We help businesses create content that people actually care about. 


SEO and content marketing can be a hurdle. The information on the market is overwhelming. It does not have to be, we simplify it.

A letter from our CEO

ContentGecko started out as a solution for my laziness — helping me scale organic traffic for SEO customers.


As time went by, businesses started investing more and more in SEO and content marketing.


The higher workload revealed how much I was struggling with providing effective content strategies for my clients.


It was a tedious process and I have never been one for pushing through and working overtime.

I started looking for another way out and decided to test an idea I had been contemplating for some time. A way to automate some of the process.


We began working on a prototype and as it started to look more promising, more people offered a helping hand.


It evolved from a simple script built on Google Colaboratory, with a “database” in Google Sheets, to a full-blown SaaS platform capable of handling even the biggest projects.


We soon realized that this tool has the potential of saving weeks worth of time for content marketing teams, while also increasing their chance of success. It made no sense to keep this to ourselves, so we built it into the standalone platform you see today. 


More than 20 people pitched in to build this tool to what it is now!


And our work has only just begun.

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Risto Rehemägi

Co-founder / CEO

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Erki All

Co-founder / CMO