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Free Datastudio SEO Report

Updated: Jan 11

This SEO report is made by ContentGecko and is free to use for personal use.

For professional use please contact us

Google Search Console is one of the most underutilised SEO tools out there. It actually has most of the data you would ever need. It’s also more accurate and more reliable than any 3rd party tool out there. If you pull the data into Google Data Studio, you can do all sorts of cool things with it.

This template will help you get started.

Here are 3 insights it can give you right away.

1. How is your domain really doing?

This domain has got 77 clicks in the past month and it’s decreasing compared to the previous month. It doesn’t rank for a whole lot of keywords, only 26 unique queries. And with most of them, the domain is far from the first page.

2. What am I getting traction with?

This domain is only getting clicks with branded keywords, both of them securely in the top position. It’s also getting impressions with some non-brand bottom-funnel keywords like “keyword clustering tool”, but the average position is very far.

Almost all of the traffic is going to the front page.

3. How much potential do I have and where?

For that look at the Potential Clicks column in the Query table. Now this is a ContentGecko custom metric that estimates how many additional clicks you’d get from any keyword if you were to rank first for it. This immediately shows you where you need to focus your attention. Think about what kind of pages would you need to create to capitalise on this potential. You can take this report and do whatever you want with it.

  • You could pull in your Google Analytics data and add organic traffic quality metrics to this.

  • You could pull in your Google Ads account and compare your organic search results to paid search.

  • You can add advanced filters to segment your data based on search term type or website section.

Have fun with it.

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