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Clustering, strategy and briefs in one platform

To make a page rank well you need to produce content that accurately answers a search term. Simple.

But you have hundreds of pages and thousands of keywords to consider.

A headache.


ContentGecko helps you organize your pages and your keywords in the most effective way possible.

The most effective structure is built following a few simple rules

A specific answer is a good answer. But creating 2000 pages to answer 2000 keywords will break your budget and your website.


So let's agree that:

  1. The website needs to have as few pages as possible.

  2. With each page being as relevant as possible to chosen keywords.

  3. A keyword can have only one landing page.

  4. One landing page can answer several keywords, but only if the keywords are similar enough.

See what is possible with SERP analyzis

Where does one page end and another begin?

You can see that in the SERPs.

Search two keywords and see the same results pop up — create one landing page.

No pages come up that rank well for both — you're not going to be the exception.

ContentGecko analyzes the SERPs for all your keywords in minutes.

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With a clear strategy in place, article briefs write themselves

Know exactly which keywords any page needs to answer.

Even more important — which ones it shouldn't answer.


See the competitors you need to beat and their strengths & weaknesses within each cluster.


Create detailed article briefs that leave no room for misinterpretation.


Focus on producing the best piece of content on the web.

Build towards perfection

ContentGecko builds on your data and learns from your decisions.


As Google goes through updates, your strategy will automatically adapt accordingly.


Your data is constantly renewed and reworked into clear insights and alerts.


Level up your SEO strategy and beat the competition.