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Convert your keyword data into an SEO content plan

ContentGecko is an SEO content strategy tool that turns keyword research into an immediately actionable content plan in less than 30 minutes.


Maximize your organic traffic, improve your content creation process, optimize your website – all the while saving time!

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Stress-free and data-driven content marketing

If you are experienced in SEO, you know there is a limited number of keywords each page can rank well for, and thousands you could target. Which ones to prioritize, which ones to ignore?


This is where ContentGecko is invaluable. Based on how Google structures information, we’ll take your list of keywords and turn it into an SEO content copywriting plan for you.

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Take the guesswork out of content planning  

We will do all the heavy lifting: analyse the keywords, SERPs and your current website so that you can focus on your business. What you will get is an actionable and data-based content calendar created specifically for you, covering all relevant keywords with the least amount of content production needed.

You will know exactly which keywords to target and – sometimes even more importantly – which ones you need to leave out of the scope for each individual landing page, article, or blog post.

With ContentGecko, SEO content managers create 28% fewer articles to cover their target keywords and content planning takes 1/5th the time.

See how Evocon increased their organic traffic and signups by 4x while only producing 1 article per month

Getting started is easy

All you need is to link ContentGecko to your Google Search Console and you’re on your way! ContentGecko will analyze the keywords you provide and the content already on your website to create a content marketing plan for you.

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What makes ContentGecko different from other content marketing and content strategy tools?

Most SEO tools are only built for researching your immediate next step. ContentGecko has taken it a giant step further: we’ll show you the entire roadmap from where you are now to the results you’re after.

Map out your entire niche in an unprecedented level of detail

You know that a single page can actually rank for hundreds of keywords. With ContentGecko you’ll know every single one of them before you even start writing.

ContentGecko builds on your data and learns from your decisions.

Every keyword you add and every keyword you exclude gets recorded. Every decision you make allows you to build towards perfection. Like a Google Ads account that’s been optimized for years - your SEO strategy will grow into your greatest asset.

Made to scale

Build your process for success. And when you crack it, delegate with a click of a button. Grow your team and put some real distance between you and your competitors!

Our Clients

Why our customers like ContentGecko?

"ContentGecko has become invaluable for us in developing content strategies for our clients. It's the best tool for finding out which topics to create content on, identifying content gaps and seeing the competitive space within each topic. It saves us a lot of time and manual work and I can be sure that our decisions are backed with the best data available."

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Annabel Martin

Mediabrands Digital, SEO specialist


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